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Die Laughing   $15 + shipping

In the 50s everyone talked about death and no one talked about sex. 
Today everyone
talks about sex and nobody talks about death ~Unknown

This book talks about death from a totally different perspective. It is a collage of 32 stories that took place from 1950-1965. They are true experiences from when Don was a young embalmer and funeral director. They span the fifteen years he dealt with death on a daily basis. It is slice of Canadian history that has been changed forever by time, tastes and the breaking down of traditions.

The stories are mostly amusing, some hilarious, a few sad or shocking and at least one profound. While they are informational about death, the focus is on live people. They include glimpses of the behaviour and dilemmas of families and friends of the deceased but the main spotlight shines on those who serve in the funeral profession and what takes place behind the scene.

Don wouldn't want you to really die laughing, but he would be pleased if you are highly amused, better informed and more able to deal with the ultimate reality of death after this stroll with him down the not-so-grave side.

Over 3000 sold


Don S. Cochrane

The Last Supper Murders       $15 +shipping 

Vancouver Island and the West Coast of British Columbia is the setting for this plan of revenge created by a dying man. A story of a killer, his taunting clues and horrific murder scenes reminiscent of biblical times entwines with a tender love story.

Paul Stanton – Handsome float plane pilot haunted by his past learns he is dying. As his health deteriorates, his anger is soothed by a cold-hearted series of murders meant to get even with God.

Marty LaFleur – Beautiful daughter of a Haida mother and a French Canadian father, Marty is also a float plane pilot. She has been secretly in love with Paul for years, never dreaming that one day her love will be returned. Finally her love is reciprocated, but her happiness is unknowingly threatened by his illness.

Archbishop Terrance Carroll – Renowned churchman, negotiator and innovator, the fiery Irishman is frustrated by his inability to protect his priests against a wily adversary.

Superintendent Neil Dundonald – Legendary RCMP officer, on medical leave, is requested to return by his long-time friend the Archbishop to head the team trying to discover the plan and end the murders.

It is Paul against God’s team. Who will win in this life-and-death struggle?

To "L" With Aging      $12 + shipping

The key to aging gracefully is the ability to adjust
to diminishment and loss.

~ Don Cochrane

 I had always believed that our lives are like the seasons of the year. Spring is our youth, summer is our productive years, autumn is our retirement years and winter is when life is seriously diminished. Now I realize that many people can have an extended autumn with a slower arrival to winter. I call this bonus time the sunset season.

My sunset years have triggered in me a curiosity and motivation that allows me to look to the future. I give thanks each day for the times of clarity and surprise about myself and the changing world around me, even while my mind’s capabilities are diminishing. It is like being on a treasure hunt in the then, the now and the what is to come.

This book is designed to share with you the knowledge I have gained along the journey of my life. It is my hope that it will be of value to anyone who is travelling the road to becoming an elder. It is based on my perceptions while working for over 50 years in five careers that dealt with the human condition, plus my experiences after retirement. I do not write it as a thesis or academic paper but rather to share my journey in the hope that others might compare theirs to see if there are lessons to be learned.